Artworks at Almora B&B have a fundamental role. Works in marble, bronze, paintings and photographs enliven the rooms and gardens.


Kyle Ann Smith

Maria Rudolf

Marble Sculpting Workshops

At Almora B&B you can also take courses in marble sculpting. A sculptor and painter by profession, Kyle Ann Smith also teaches  artistic marble sculpting methods. The techniques are based on traditional methods learned from the artisans of the area, then developed individually into a personalized teaching approach.

Work spaces and lessons (individual or group) are offered in the marble studio located 200 meters from the B&B.

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Guided tours of marble workshops and bronze casting foundries

Pietrasanta is a famous city of art,  internationally renowned for it’s master artisans and high artistic quality of marble and bronze works. Many marble workshops and bronze casting foundries keep the traditional craftsmanship alive of these ancient techniques and materials.

We offer guided tours to local historical marble studios and bronze foundries in the area with an introduction to the main techniques and processes of sculpture production.

The duration of the visit is 3 hours.